Who We Are

Marine User Experience (MUX) is striving to make products adapt to the marine users rather than the other way around.

We believe that the current range of marine products don't consider how the dynamic water environment changes how people interact and interpet information from their devices. From awkward marine radios to difficult to read screens, people are battling to use products designed on land and barely adapted for the sea.

Our Solution

We start with the user and how they actually work and operate in the marine environment.

We are designing products that are user focussed and how people use hardware and software in real world scenarios. All factors are considered from ease of use, environmental factors and usage in a distracted state. .

Who We Are

Cian Walsh

  • Founder of Marine User Experience, Cian has spent 20 years designing products and services around the user.

MUX Video

Sea Kayak Around Ireland

A MUX produced documentary about an epic circumnavigation of Ireland in Summer 2015 by Irish kayakers Jon Hynes & Sean Cahill.

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